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Mast and stays check: Winter 2023-2024


Dear Sailor friend,

as every year, with the approach of the winter season, TecnoRigging organizes the dismasting campaign aimed at the professional inspection of the rigging, and the structures in composite of masts, spreaders and booms, and more generally of all the mechanics of the superstructures of your sailboats. 

The collection and coordination of several yachts that are interested in these periodic and necessary measures allows us to achieve economies of scale - determined by the management of the yard equipment, and by the rationalization of the transfers of both our qualified staff and the experts specialized in conducting non-destructive investigations - to the benefit of total costs for the end user.

In our climates, these checks must be carried out, with the mast on the ground, with a frequency determined by the use of the yacht and by the sizing criteria of the equipment, and in any case no later than 6/8 years.

Any defects detected during a check must be eliminated or monitored because they anticipate a possible collapse of the structures, and can arise and spread, regardless of occasional events such as collisions or similar, due to fatigue phenomena that occur even when the boat is stationary on the quay.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, or want to request an inspection aimed at processing a custom quote, you can send a request by e-mail to , or call directly at +39 340 578.3131.

Best Regards

Tecnorigging Team