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Partner of excellence

Experience, flexibility and specialisation

Founded in 2015, TecnoRigging is an artisanal company, highly specialised and qualified in the global servicing of masts, standing and running rigging, deck equipment, steering gears, hydraulics and sails, for both racing and cruising yacht.

Its services range from the design sizing and installation of new solutions, to the inspection and periodic maintenance of existing equipment.

Located near to Venice, TecnoRigging operates, with daily transfers, mainly in the Upper Adriatic basin, from Chioggia to Trieste, but interventions carried out throughout the national territory and abroad are frequent.

TecnoRigging represents the natural continuation of the previous and historical TecnoSailing, a company of services and technical solutions for boating present in the area since 1995, and of which the founder of TecnoRigging was an operating partner. Compared to TecnoSailing the new company has been founded with the aim of providing greater flexibility and specialisation both to shipyards and to shipowners and captains, necessary in a sector in great evolution during the recent last years.

Partner of excellence

The technical approach to the qualitative requests of the most demanding customers, as in a sort of natural selection, has led TecnoRigging to become a technical assistance center and commercial partner of the most accredited brands in world sailing, such as Harken, Selden, Furlex, Elvstrom Sails, Gottifredi Maffioli, Navtec Hydraulics, Reckmann, Karver, Bamar, Sparcraft, Spinlock and Marstrom Masts.

However TecnoRigging has available a range of technical alternatives that extends to many other brands.

Our values

“Thousands and millions of individuals work, produce and save no matter what we can come up with to annoy, hinder and discourage them. They are prompted by a natural vocation rather than mere thirst for money. Their pride in seeing their operation prosper, establish a reputation, inspire confidence from an ever growing clientele; their pleasure in extending their facilities and embellishing their offices, constitute an incentive towards progress that is every bit as powerful as profit.

If not, we would be unable to explain why so many entrepreneurs are willing to put all their energy and invest all their capital into making far lower profits than those they would surely make with other occupations."

These words of Luigi Einaudi summarize the spirit with which we begin every new working day. The passion we put into meeting our customers’ needs, the extreme attention for details, the enthusiasm for a new challenging project. These are the pillars of our commitment!

There is no ideal and universal solution for the requests we receive. The solution to the same question is different boat by boat, owner by owner, situation by situation. Each request must first be broken down and deepened into all the aspects and variables that make it up, then the idea must be structured and illustrated with all the implications that this entails. Listening, questioning and instill doubts is the path that, together with the shipyard or the customer, and with a lot of pragmatism and humility, leads TecnoRigging, and sometimes the customer himself, to identify "THE" solution.